Amputation After an Accident

Loss or amputation of a limb or other parts of the body – including severed fingers, toes, hands, feet, arms and legs – are often linked to someone else’s negligence. Sometimes the underlying injuries are caused by road accidents. Other times they result from accidents at work, medical negligence, sporting accidents or assaults.

We understand that going through any kind of loss or amputation can have a life-changing impact, with challenging short-term and long-term implications. You need to get used to a new way of living – possibly with restricted mobility and all the physical, emotional and financial challenges this presents – not to mention the pain and suffering.

You also need to think ahead to the future, for example the extra exertion required to use prosthetics can be especially problematic in older age. It’s essential that each and every consequence is considered when negotiating a potential settlement.

How can we help?

There are many specific and complex issues that surround traumatic amputation, so specialist legal advice is vital to securing the compensation needed to access the medical care, aids, equipment and prosthetics required to progress your rehabilitation. To help you get back to doing the things you love, to the fullest extent possible. And this is where we come in.

We specialise in compensation claims relating to traumatic amputation and limb loss. In recognition of our substantial experience supporting clients throughout even the most complex and high value claims, we’ve been awarded membership of the Law Society’s Personal Injury Panel and the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.

Moreover, we fully appreciate how difficult the early stages of recovery can be following an amputation or the loss of a limb, and can work with you in whatever way best suits your needs. We’re happy to arrange home or hospital visits to ensure you can access legal support at the earliest possible stage, and will work around your schedule of care so that you can prioritise your rehabilitation.

What does it cost?

Personal injury-related legal services and fees are governed by the Civil Procedure Rules, a strict code that all law firms must follow. In accordance with this code, we may be able to offer ‘no win, no fee’ arrangements, and would be very happy to discuss your options with you during an initial no obligation call.

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If you’ve experienced an amputation or lost a limb and aren’t sure whether you could pursue a claim for compensation – even if you think you may be partly to blame for your injury – or you feel let down by your current solicitors, simply call our personal injury team and we’ll talk through your circumstances and your options, including how you could finance your claim. We offer personal, sympathetic, one-to-one service from an experienced personal injury lawyer who will work with you, and your family if you wish, to achieve the best possible compensation for you. 

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