Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative Family Law is a way for divorcing or separating couples to resolve the issues arising on family breakdown, working together as a team with their Lawyers and without going to court. Michael Brady, Associate Director, is a trained Collaborative Solicitor and recommends Collaborative Law as a better way of resolving family disputes for couples who feel they could work together.

The process involves clients and their solicitors meeting together in the less formal surroundings of a solicitor’s office and problem solving sitting round the table. This can be highly preferable to going to court.

The process is designed to negotiate mutually acceptable outcomes, without using the court, with the clients sharing information and communicating openly with each other.

By creating agreed solutions that recognise each client’s priorities, the couple benefit from:-

  • A commitment to reaching an agreement through joint problem solving
  • Keeping control of the process without having to go to Court
  • Meeting around the table and openly discussing their issues, working together to create workable solutions and on hand legal advice

Collaborative Law can make it easier to plan for the future and begin rebuilding new lives in an atmosphere of respect. As is the approach always taken by Davey Law, any children’s needs are given priority.

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