Commercial Disputes

Commercial disagreements and disputes have the potential for serious impact on your business. They make it difficult to concentrate on running your enterprise and can take up valuable time and resources.

Davey Law can act for claimants or defendants, helping you to resolve a range of disputes – wherever possible, without going to court – quickly and efficiently, to avoid exposing your business to costly and time-consuming litigation.

Sound, early advice supported by carefully drafted documentation, will reduce the risk of disputes developing and business relationships breaking down.

Where a problem or disagreement does escalate into a dispute, you will find our commercial disputes specialists prompt and responsive. We will act quickly and decisively, with the objective of reaching a cost-effective, commercially minded settlement through negotiation, arbitration or mediation.

Where court action does become necessary, we will provide robust representation. We offer comprehensive commercial litigation advice and services in a range of specialist areas including:

Employment law issues

  • disciplinary and grievance issues
  • discrimination
  • health and safety
  • representation at employment tribunals
  • terminations and redundancy
  • unfair dismissals
  • union membership

Landlord and tenant

  • dilapidation and repairs
  • ending a lease
  • recovering rent
  • repossession

Management disputes

  • dissenting shareholders
  • partnership and boardroom disputes

Commercial disputes

  • agent/distributor/franchiser
  • building disputes
  • computer suppliers
  • confidentiality and copyright
  • customer and supplier disputes

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