Gloucester Conveyancing Fees

Our fees cover the work required to complete the sale or purchase of your home, including dealing with registration of your purchase at the Land Registry and the payment of Stamp Duty Land Tax (Stamp Duty) if the property you buy is in England, or Land Transaction Tax (Land Tax) if the property you buy is in Wales. They exclude VAT, disbursements, mortgage related charges and fees for work done for a lender.

An indication of our charges is set out below:-

Up to £125k£775 plus VAT£825 plus VAT
£125 to £250k£825 plus VAT£925 plus VAT
£250 to £350k£925 plus VAT£1,025 plus VAT
£350 to £400k£975 plus VAT£1,075 plus VAT
£400k to £500k£1,075 plus VAT£1,175 plus VAT
Over £500kPlease call to discussPlease call to discuss

Standard additions

Leasehold sale+ £200 plus VAT
Leasehold purchase / shared ownership + £200 plus VAT
New build+ £200 plus VAT
Help to Buy+ £200 plus VAT
Unregistered title sale+ £200 plus VAT
Unregistered title purchase + £225 plus VAT
Trust Deeds+ £250 plus VAT

Other transactions

Transfer of Equity / Remortgage£550 plus VAT
Voluntary First Registration of Title£550 plus VAT

Auction purchases

Review auction pack and investigate title£550 plus VAT
Conveyancing fee if purchase proceeds£450 plus VAT

Non-standard / Additional work

Depending on the complexity of matter or documentation, additional fees may apply at the fee earner’s hourly rate on all types of transaction, at the following rates:

Name and PositionQualification Year Hourly Rate
Andrew Murfin,
1980£245 per hour plus VAT
Ann Davies,
Conveyancing Executive
£170 per hour plus VAT
Please refer to individual profile pages for details of individual qualifications and experience.

Estimated Disbursements –

Purchase of Freehold Property

Disbursements are the costs payable to third parties in the course of your matter.

Standard Disbursements

Standard searches (Local, Drainage and Environmental)£200 approx inc VAT
Additional searches if required, eg - Flooding£30 approx inc VAT
Land Charges search (to protect the buyer’s priority while registration formalities complete)£3.00
Land Registry fee (for recording the buyer and lender as the new owner depending on purchase price)formalities complete)£135.00 approx
Bankruptcy search (for each party requiring mortgage finance)£2.00
Bankruptcy search (for each party requiring mortgage finance)
Bank Telegraphic Transfer fee (to transfer funds to seller’s solicitors)
£14.40 inc VAT

Stamp Duty and land registration fees

These are subject to change periodically, but current rates can be found using the web links below.

Stamp Duty rates

Welsh LTT rates

Land registration fees

Firsttime buyers and Stamp Duty

First-time buyers currently do not pay Stamp Duty on properties up to £300,000. For example, if the property is £450,000, you will pay no Stamp Duty on the first £300,000 and 5% on the remaining £150,000.

Non-standard disbursements

Indemnity insurance policiesFrom £20.00 inc Insurance Premium Tax depending on nature of indemnity
Plan Search (planning consents in locality to property)£24.00
More than one mortgage offer£100 plus VAT
More than one charge to redeem£150 plus VAT

Estimated Disbursements –

Sale of Freehold Property

Standard disbursements

Land Registry fee (for updated copy of title deeds) £6
Bank Telegraphic Transfer fee (to redeem current mortgage or transfer balance of funds)£14.40 inc VAT

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