Debt Recovery for Business

We charge for dealing with debt recovery matters on an hourly basis, at the following rates:

Name and PositionQualification Year AccreditationsHourly Rate
Peter Davies,
Solicitor & Director
1979Law Society Personal Injury accredited member£235 per hour plus VAT
Michael Brady,
Solicitor & Director
1979£225 per hour plus VAT
Julie Long,
Chartered Legal Executive
1996Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives£220 per hour plus VAT

Please refer to individual profile pages for further details of experience.

Overall costs depend on the complexity of the case, including whether the matter can be agreed by the parties through correspondence and negotiation or if Court action is needed, and at what stage the matter is resolved.

It also makes a difference to our fees depending on whether you ask us to deal with all aspects of the matter or we deal with parts of the process and you handle other parts of the process yourself.

Because every matter is different, it is difficult to give an accurate indication of our fees in advance. Below is our estimate of the number of hours’ work involved in debt recovery action. We will give you a more accurate estimate when we know the details of your case and will keep you updated of likely ongoing costs at every stage of the process:

Simple case2 - 4 hours @ lawyer’s rate plus VAT
Moderately complex case5 - 10 hours @ lawyer’s rate plus VAT
Highly complex case over 10 hours @ lawyer’s rate plus VAT

Disbursements are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties, such as court fees. We handle the payment of the disbursements on your behalf to ensure a smoother process.

Court fees
Below is an indication of the court fees payable, depending on the size of your claim (correct at December 2018):

Up to £300£35
300.01 – £500£50
£500.01 – £1,000£70
£1,000.01 – £1,500£80
£1,500.01 – £3,000£115
£3,000.01 – £5,000£205
£5,000.01 – £10,000£455
£10,000.01 - £200,0005% of the claim
Over £200,000£10,000

Counsel’s fees

If the matter progresses to the stage when it is necessary to instruct a barrister to present your case at a Tribunal Hearing, typical fees are between £200 and £300 per hour, depending on the barrister’s level of experience, for them to prepare for and attend the hearing. The most senior barristers, with high levels of experience in specific areas, charge considerably higher fees.

To limit costs, we do not normally attend the hearing with Counsel unless you ask us to do so, in which case we charge you at our hourly rate, in addition to Counsel’s fees. 

Typical Stages
These are the typical stages of a claim, though we continue to explore settlement options throughout the process to bring the matter to a satisfactory conclusion as quickly as possible:

  • Taking your instructions, looking at the documents and advising you on your options for recovery and the strength of your claim
  • Writing to the other party (known as a letter before action) and exploring whether a settlement can be reached without Court action (known as pre-claim conciliation). If settlement is reached, the matter does not need to
  • Preparing a claim or response to a claim, or advising you on a claim or response received from the other party
  • Preparing for and attending a Preliminary Hearing.
  • Preparing for (and attending) a Final Hearing, which includes instructing a barrister to present your case.

Time Stages
It can take anything from a few weeks for a simple claim that is quickly resolved without going to Court, to many months, even a year or two, if the claim is complex and proceeds to a Final Hearing in Court.

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