Defending an Employment Tribunal Claim

Employment Tribunal litigation is a significant area of risk to organisations. Substantial awards are increasingly being made for successful claims.

Sometimes it’s impossible to avoid a situation escalating to an Employment Tribunal. When a Tribunal becomes an inevitability, there’s a danger that your organisation’s reputation can be damaged, not to mention the time needed to defend claims, as well as the financial implications.

We are here to help you navigate your way through what has become a very complex process.

Expert advice and careful preparation to answer an Employment Tribunal claim are vital when your organisation finds itself in this situation. If the wrong decisions are made at the start, it may be too late to change approach once the Tribunal is underway.

We have extensive experience in supporting clients through every stage of Employment Tribunals. We will offer sound advice from the outset to help maximise the likelihood of a positive outcome for your organisation. We will work with you, from considering what to say in response to the claim, to assessing which witnesses should appear and how their evidence will be helpful in defending the claim.

    How can we help?

    Whether you’re aiming for an early settlement or seeking to defend a claim, we’ll provide detailed guidance on available approaches and defences, together with the financial implications, to establish the best way forward. 

    For more information on the above and our wider employment law services, please contact us by email or call our offices to speak with Faye Reynolds, Head of Employment.

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