How deputyships work and the benefits for your loved ones

January 18, 2021

What is a deputy?

Deputies are persons appointed by the Court of Protection to act in the best interests of someone who is unable to make property and financial affairs decisions for themselves.

This is normally required when someone loses capacity before putting in place a Power of Attorney appointing someone to act on their behalf.

Deputies can be family members, friends or professional people, such as solicitors. Usually a solicitor is appointed where there is no willing or suitable family member or friend, or the person’s affairs are complex and / or significant assets are involved.

How does a deputyship work?

Deputies can make decisions about finances, property, health and wellbeing, or any combination of these, on behalf of an individual. It is a big responsibility and deputies are required to report regularly to the Court of Protection regarding their actions and decisions.

Davey Law’s professional deputies are expert in managing the assets and affairs of people who need help making decisions or who lack mental capacity to manage their finances themselves.

We work with the protected party if possible, together with their family, friends or carers in the management of their affairs, ensuring careful consideration is given to social and welfare issues, as well as legal and financial matters.

For large compensation awards, for example following a personal injury or medical negligence claim, we will guide our client to the right advice on protecting and investing their funds for long term financial security.

How we can help

Our Deputyship and Attorneyship Paralegal, Emily Gray, works alongside Director and Solicitor Christopher Mills, who has a proven track record as professional deputy for high value deputyships. Day-today management of deputyships is carried out by Emily. She has detailed knowledge of Court of Protection applications and procedures, as well as a great deal of experience managing high value deputyships.

Lay deputyship assistance

The application process of obtaining a Deputyship Order can appear daunting. However, we are here to help. From start to finish, we can guide you through the process and the steps involved, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice or assistance.

Once appointed as deputies to the protected party, family members or friends may find they require further advice or assistance during the deputyship year. This may involve filing annual accounts with the Office of the Public Guardian, keeping a clear record of income and expenditure or disputing and appealing benefit decisions or care awards. Whatever your requirement, we can provide support and knowledge as and when needed.

Would you like more information? Please contact Emily Gray on 01285 654875 or at As our Attorneyship and Deputyship Paralegal, Emily has a strong background in working with the Office of the Public Guardian. She would be very pleased to answer any questions you may have about appointing a Davey Law professional Deputy to take away the worry of dealing with a loved one’s financial affairs.

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