Employment Contracts,
Policies and Procedures

Employment contracts, policies and procedures help you establish a solid framework for your organisation and employees.

Without these documents in place, it becomes more difficult to deal with workforce issues as and when they arise.

We understand that you may not have all the relevant workplace polices your organisation requires. We also know that making changes to workplace policies can be difficult, particularly when there is uncertainty about what a contract actually covers. Over the years your organisation may have made a number of changes to policies and procedures, resulting in confusion.

    How can we help?

    As well as compliant and appropriate employment contracts, organisations need clear, up to date policies and procedures in place that cover a wide range of issues from discipline or performance to family-friendly policies, such as maternity, paternity or shared-parental leave. 

    At Davey Law we can draft or review your employment contracts, tailoring them to your organisation, help you to establish robust policies and procedures, or review and update those already in place.  This will help you and your managers to be fully aware of your obligations and handle interactions in the correct way. 

    For information and advice on your employment contracts, policies and procedures, or our wider employment law services, please contact us by email or call our offices to speak with Faye Reynolds, Head of Employment.

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