Jordan Evans: Falling head over heels for Headway.

July 10, 2019

Sunday 2nd June, a regular relaxing Sunday for most, but not for Davey Law’s resident daredevil, Jordan Evans, he decided to strap on his parachute, and plummet head first toward the distant ground, all in aid of raising money for the charity Headway!

Headway is a national charity, doing amazing work rehabilitating individuals that have suffered an acquired brain injury resulting from a stroke, tumour, haemorrhage, disease, or trauma to the brain in a road accident, sporting injury etc.

Headway’s mission is “to improve life after brain injury, and to raise awareness of brain injury”. Jordan’s mission was to raise as much money for the charity as possible, by jumping 13,000 feet from an aeroplane… but each to their own…

We caught up with Jordan after his jump as he reflected upon his experience:

“I can’t remember the exact moment my younger self decided he wanted to jump out of an aeroplane, but it has always occupied the top spot on my bucket list. I was fortunate enough to be invited to turn this personal lifetime ambition into a fundraising activity for a worthwhile cause, the good of which I have witnessed first-hand.

In the lead up I was able to repress my anxiety and fears, despite being constantly reminded of the potential dangers of the activity by my sponsors. The support of my family and friends who accompanied me on the day helped me keep a clear head, and motivated to see it through.

On the day in question, I had to attend a 20-minute safety briefing and it was at this point the butterflies started to inhabit my stomach. We practised the various safety positions and the procedure of the jump itself in the comfort of the briefing room. I remember laughing to myself internally at the time as I realised the conditions I would be experiencing during the jump would not quite mirror my current peaceful surroundings.

Afterwards I was introduced to my instructor and fitted into the safety harness before boarding the plane. It was at this point any feelings of confidence and calmness left my body somewhat mimicking the fashion in which I was to leave the plane. I could feel my heart beat against my chest and the adrenaline rush through my body as the realisation of the reality of what I was about to do finally hit. It felt like an eternity until we reached the desired altitude of 13,000 feet, I remember thinking a few negative things about younger Jordan and his decision to commit me to this.  

Then suddenly the door flew open and people began exiting the plane, my entire body went stiff and I found myself unable to move as my instructor slowly edged us towards the door and then out of the plane itself.

During freefall my mind focused mostly on the feeling of weightlessness and after a while my body began to relax and loosen up. Once the parachute had opened, I was able to absorb the view and process everything as we slowly descended.

Once we touched down my body was hit with an intense feeling of euphoria and achievement which cannot be described in words. I believe the expression on my face says it all.

The whole experience has been life changing as it has shattered my own believes as to what my limitations are, and I would strongly recommend that anyone should try it once.

The only downside of course is the blank space atop my bucket list, and now I must endeavour to replace it.”

Everyone at Davey Law has applauded Jordan for undertaking this incredible feat, and raising £446 for the Charity Headway, an incredible sum of money for a cause that is very close to us as our charity of the year. We’re all looking forward to hearing Jordan’s future gutsy endeavour!

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