Inheritance Disputes

The death of a loved one is a painful and difficult time, and even more so where a dispute arises over the distribution of that loved one’s estate. Such disputes usually arise when someone doesn’t receive what they expected to receive and believe there has been an issue with the Will or the probate process.

For example, there might be objections relating to:

  • Validity of a Will: there may be reasons to believe that the deceased was subject to undue influence at the time of drafting, or there may be questions around the deceased’s mental health at the time the Will was executed.
  • Ambiguity over the deceased’s intentions if the Will has been negligently drafted, there may be ambiguity and room for argument over the deceased’s intentions.
  • Llack of provision for dependents: when someone dies without making adequate provision for the continued welfare of their dependents (including their spouse, children and other dependents), the courts may be able to intervene to make greater provision for those dependents.
  • Performance of Executors or Trustees: you may feel that executors or trustees acting on behalf of the deceased have in some way breached their duties and adversely affected the inheritance you receive
  • Validity of Power of Attorney: you may believe that a Power of Attorney was signed by the deceased in inappropriate circumstances, for example under duress, or you may object to specific actions that an attorney has taken affecting your expected inheritance.
  • Land or property promised by the deceased: it may be possible to enforce a promise to grant an interest in land or property made by one person to another prior to their death.

How can we help?

Whatever the nature of your inheritance dispute, we can draw upon our extensive knowledge and experience to help you resolve your inheritance-related issue. This includes advising on the validity of a deceased’s Will, establishing whether the correct processes have been followed throughout a probate process, and helping you to understand and enforce any rights you might have to a portion of the deceased’s estate.

We can then support you throughout the entire dispute resolution process, be that through direct negotiations with other beneficiaries or – as a final measure – representing you in court.

Inheritance disputes are a complex area of law, as well as an emotionally difficult issue to deal with, however our sensitive approach and specialist expertise will give you peace of mind.

If you would like more information about our inheritance dispute services, or our broader probate and estate administration services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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