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Personal injury can change our life in a heartbeat, from the physical and emotional impact, to the eye watering costs of treatment, rehabilitation and the lifestyle adjustments required to facilitate recovery.

We understand that nothing can truly make up for what you have been through, but in our experience, the right legal advice and fair compensation payments can help to ensure you have the support and financial resources needed to get your life back on track.

What are your options?

We appreciate that the prospect of bringing a claim can cause anxiety, especially when people believe that they may be partially to blame and so are likely to fail. However, these are misconceptions that can result in clients forgoing essential compensation payments that could otherwise have improved their recovery and future prospects.

Many people are also put off by the idea of going to court. However, you may be surprised to hear that court proceedings are only ever a last resort (and very few cases get to this stage). As a matter of course, our expert solicitors continue to negotiate with the other side’s insurers throughout the claim, with a view to securing compensation without the need for court hearings.

How can we help?

Whatever the challenges, we can support you through the process of bringing a personal injury compensation claim. We’re dedicated specialists in this area, with particular expertise in complex cases relating to:

Head Injury

Collectively we’ve amassed decades of professional experience supporting victims of severe and complex head and brain injuries.

Spinal Injury

We can help you access the compensation needed to fund the specialist medical care, equipment and aids required to facilitate rehabilitation from spinal injury.


Specialist legal advice is vital to secure the compensation needed to access the medical care, aids, equipment and prosthetics required to progress your rehabilitation.

Medical Negligence

Medical mistakes or negligence can have a long-term impact on your physical, emotional and financial wellbeing. The right compensation can make all the difference.

Changing Solicitor

If you’ve lost confidence in your current solicitors, we can take over your case and get your claim back on track, ensuring you maximise the value of your compensation to help you move on with your life.

Collectively, we have decades of experience helping clients to access the compensation they need to facilitate their rehabilitation and get on with their lives. The compensation to which they are entitled. In fact, we’ve helped to recover tens of millions of pounds that clients may otherwise never have received, which is perhaps why so many have continued to personally recommend us over the years.

Wherever possible, we try to secure interim payments, allowing our clients to access early rehabilitation, specialist medical care, and the necessary accommodation, aids, equipment and therapies to support their long-term recovery. This can include anything from wheelchairs, braces, orthoses and driving aids, to complex surgery, private treatments and housing adaptations. In many cases, the earlier the treatment, the better the chances of making a fuller recovery, so this is truly an essential part of what we do.

Finally, rest assured that we will treat you with the utmost sensitivity and care, and hold your private medical information in the strictest confidence.

What makes us different?

‘General’ personal injury lawyers may be inexperienced when it comes to dealing with severe and complex personal injury claims. They may be well-meaning, but many don’t fully understand the key issues. Or which experts to approach. And they tend to lack the insight and experience needed to comprehend the far-reaching physical, emotional and financial implications of a serious long-term injury.

Although this isn’t justifiable, it’s certainly understandable. For example, would you have considered the costs of regularly replacing carpets following the wear and tear caused by long-term wheelchair use? Or the inevitable chips and knocks to doorways, walls and furniture?  What about the potential knock-on effects of the strain placed on other parts of your body as a result of rehabilitation or the use of prosthetics?

This is why our specialist experience can be vital to ensuring that you are fully and properly compensated for the long-term impact of your injuries. Plus, we make claims as simple as possible for you throughout, ensuring you fully understand your options and the processes you’re going through, and are kept informed every step of the way.

Moreover, we understand that compensation claims relating to personal injury can be delicate, emotive, stressful and intensely private, which is why we treat clients with respect, empathy and honesty throughout. To that end, we will work with you in whatever way best suits your needs. We’re happy to arrange home or hospital visits to ensure you can access legal support at the earliest possible stages, and will work around your schedule of care so that you can prioritise your rehabilitation.

Uniquely, we limit the number of cases each of our experts takes on at any one time, which enables us to maintain exceptionally high standards and ensures that our clients receive personal attention and support throughout the entire process, and consistent access to the same lawyers. In other words, you’ll be in very safe hands.


If a personal injury incident has resulted in the victim losing the capacity to make their own decisions, we can help you to acquire the necessary legal authority to make decisions on their behalf. As part of this service, we can help to protect and manage any compensation pay-outs that the victim has received (or receives in the future). This can include setting up a personal injury trust to ringfence some or all of the compensation for the purposes of medical care, which can have significant tax benefits (and avoid the funds being taken into account when calculating eligibility for state benefits).

Alternatively, you can appoint Davey Law to act as professional deputy and take on responsibility for the management of the injured person’s financial and property affairs. You can find more information here about the support we offer in relation to Court of Protection applications and the appointment of deputies.

Changing Solicitors

Many of our clients engage us at the outset, typically on the basis of testimonials and recommendations from former clients. However, some seek us out after being let down by their original solicitors.

A surprising number of cases are poorly handled by solicitors, usually because they lack specific experience and expertise in a particular type of personal injury. After all, it’s an incredibly complex area of law, and there’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

There are many reasons why people seek to change solicitors.

  • Some solicitors underestimate the long-term significance of injuries or fail to obtain the right evidence (often because they lack the network required to seek the necessary insights and advice from experts).
  • Others take on too many cases, leaving them without sufficient capacity to offer clients an involved and highly personal service.
  • And if you’re being left in the dark, having to chase your solicitor for updates and explanations, and repeatedly being passed between different solicitors and legal assistants, then you’re clearly not getting the service you need or deserve.

To summarise, although lots of lawyers ‘do’ personal injury and medical negligence work, very few have our level of injury-specific expertise and the capacity to offer personal service.

With Davey Law, you won’t be speaking to a call centre. Your claim won’t be one of many on a ‘conveyor belt’ of claims. You won’t interact with a different lawyer each time you have a question. You’ll have a dedicated lawyer from the outset to listen, explain, empathise, and support you in any way they can.

So if you’ve lost confidence in your solicitor, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to look into your case, review the evidence and any progress made to date, discuss any concerns you may have about your current solicitor, and if appropriate, help to get your claim back on track. Rest assured that if you do decide to transfer your claim to us, you won’t have to have any awkward conversations with your current solicitor. You can leave everything to us.

Client Case Study

Mrs J was involved in a low speed (but head on) road accident and experienced both physical and psychological symptoms as a result.

The first lawyers she instructed were from a classic “factory” personal injury firm, which meant she found herself being passed from one claim handler to another, with no  opportunity to actually meet the person representing her. She felt like a number – not a person – and often had to chase her lawyers for any kind of update.

As part of their case preparation, these lawyers sent Mrs J to see a GP, then an orthopaedic “expert” (who, it transpired, was not a consultant orthopaedic surgeon). The “expert” claimed that Mrs J had suffered an aggravation of an underlying condition, a condition that – according to the expert – would have caused the same physical and psychological suffering within two years regardless of whether the road accident had occurred.

Mrs J also saw a psychologist, but had to arrange this herself. And the psychologist simply said that he ought to review her case in a year’s time, which clearly wasn’t helpful.

As time ticked by, Mrs J felt like she was being bullied into settling her claim, despite her expressing a clear desire to take her claim further. This is when she picked up the phone and gave us a call.

We started by meeting Mrs J in person. Now this sounds simple enough, but it’s something her original solicitors had never bothered to do. Mrs J was in a terrible state at the time, and it became quite clear that her claim had been poorly handled from the beginning.

As a result, we had to “excavate” the claim, which is somewhat akin to starting from scratch. We obtained Mrs J’s full medical records – something her first solicitors hadn’t done – and secured the court’s permission to obtain further expert evidence to reveal the true extent of Mrs J’s suffering. We then instructed genuine experts in the relevant field, took statements from witnesses to support Mrs J’s claim, and instructed a specialist barrister (who also met Mrs J in person).

With our help, Mrs J received nearly 500% more compensation than she thought she would have received had she stuck with her original solicitors, which goes to show the difference that the right approach, experience and expertise can make.

What does it cost?

Personal injury-related legal services and fees are governed by the Civil Procedure Rules, a strict code that all law firms must follow. In accordance with this code, we may be able to offer ‘no win, no fee’ arrangements, and would be very happy to discuss your options with you on an initial no obligation call.

It’s easy to get in touch

If you’ve experienced a personal injury and aren’t sure whether you could pursue a claim for compensation – even if you think you may be partly to blame for your injuries – or you feel let down by your current solicitors, we may well be able to help.

Simply give one of our experts a no-obligation call so that we can help you to better understand your rights and potential for success. We’ll talk through your circumstances and your options, including how you could finance your claim. We offer personal, sympathetic, one-to-one service from an experienced personal injury lawyer who will work with you, and your family if you wish, to achieve the best possible compensation for you.

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