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Emily Gray

Deputy & Attorneyship Paralegal

I am Davey Law’s specialist Paralegal for Deputyships and Attorneyships, which means I look after the day to day financial and property affairs of clients who are unable to do so themselves because of age, illness or disability, and we are their appointed Deputy or Attorney to act on their behalf.

I see my role as helping to maintain or improve my client’s quality of life after an acquired brain injury, or to provide support and advice to clients and their family if they’ve been diagnosed with a long term, disabling condition, such as dementia.

I pride myself in maintaining and building relationships with families, social workers, case managers and of course clients themselves. I take huge job satisfaction in assisting clients with their financial affairs, and safeguard them and their funds from fraud and exploitation. My work allows me to become a part of my client’s day to day life and a member of their extended family, which is a great privilege.

In my spare time I enjoy raising money for charity, for example taking part in a 30-mile bike ride for the Child Brain Injury Trust and skydiving for Silverline, a charity that supports elderly people. I enjoy fitness, travelling, reading, and am often found in the local park walking with my beagle.

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