The Benefits of Voluntary First Registration

October 25, 2018

The Benefits of Voluntary First Registration

October 2018

It is widely thought that all property in England and Wales is registered at the Land Registry. However, it is reported that only around 85% of property in England and Wales is currently registered.

Registration is not compulsory until a trigger event occurs, such as the property being sold, transferred or mortgaged. As a result, many people choose to voluntarily register their property. A voluntary application brings the following advantages to give you peace of mind, as it will:

  • Set out or refer to all the rights that benefit and affect your property
  • Show clearly the extent of land included in the title by means of a title plan
  • Prove you own your property and give a state-backed guarantee
  • Protect against claims on your property and the possibility of losing title by adverse possession
  • Be the most effective way to bring all your documents up to date
  • Dispense with the need for title deeds and a paper title, thereby avoiding the danger of title deeds being lost or destroyed

We would be happy to deal with your application for first registration and submit it to the Land Registry on your behalf.

If you would like to discuss a voluntary first registration of the title to your property, please contact the Property Department at either our Gloucester Office (01452 508800) or at our Cirencester Office (01285 654875).


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