What Is An Attorneyship and could it benefit you?

January 13, 2021

What is a Property and Financial Affairs Attorney?

Appointing a Solicitor as your Property and Financial Affairs Attorney enables them to manage your property and financial affairs for you, if you’re unable to or don’t wish to do so yourself. On your behalf we can:

  • Monitor your finances day to day, ensuring your funds are kept safe
  • Manage your bank accounts
  • Pay your bills and check they are accurate
  • Take out any necessary insurance policies and review these annually to ensure they remain relevant and good value
  • Ensure you are receiving the correct benefits and any care funding which you may be entitled to
  • Plan ahead and create a budget for your income and expenditure each year, looking for ways to reduce expenditure and maximise your income through benefits, discounts, savings or pensions
  • Protect your finances for your future long term needs, including any investments you may have.
  • Assist with matters such as the sale or purchase of property or other assets
  • Manage your funds transparently, keeping you informed of your financial situation

How does an Attorneyship work?

Once you have appointed a professional Attorney at Davey Law, we will write to all your financial institutions and register this against your assets. This means that, as your Attorney, alongside you, we will have access to your accounts and financial information.

All correspondence is sent to our offices, meaning you do not have the burden of responding or dealing with your property and financial affairs. However, we will always consult with you before any decision is made.

Who should have an Attorneyship?

A professional Attorney is usually appointed when there is no willing or suitable family member or friend to take on that responsibility.

In those circumstances you can appoint Davey Law to manage your property and financial affairs on your behalf. We can work closely with you, as well as your family, friends and carers if you wish, to deal with the management of your personal affairs. Or you can leave everything in our hands, contacting you only as often as you wish.

How can Davey Law help?

When you appoint one of our solicitors as your Attorney, you will be introduced to your personal contact, Emily Gray, who will manage your day to day financial affairs and always be on hand to provide you with any information, advice and support you need. Our aim is not only to deal with the practical aspects of managing your affairs but also to build a comfortable relationship with you. We want you to feel you can rely on and trust our team to manage your property and financial affairs for you.

Would you like more information? Please contact Emily Gray on 01285 654875 or at egray@daveylaw.co.uk. As our Attorneyship and Deputyship Paralegal, Emily has a strong background in working with the Office of the Public Guardian. She would be very pleased to answer any questions you may have about appointing a Davey Law professional Attorney to take away the worry of dealing with your financial affairs.

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